Escondido charter bus rentals

When you want to rent a charter bus in Escondido, California, you need to know that we provide the best coach bus rentals and party bus rentals anywhere. Our extensive fleet of vehicles makes it easy for us to match up your group with the perfect charter bus or party bus rental. We also have minibuses available if you are looking for something smaller than a full size coach or party bus. For smaller groups we can even help coordinate shuttle buses throughout San Diego County including Murrieta, Temecula and El Cajon when needed!

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escondido Charter Bus Rentals
Escondido Charter Bus Rentals
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Escondido Charter Bus Rentals

We offer a wide variety of Escondido charter bus rentals for your next event. From the smallest party bus to the largest luxury coach, our fleet is sure to have what you need. Our Escondido charter buses can be rented for many different occasions and events such as:

  • Wedding transportation

  • Prom & graduation transportation

  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties or group outings

  • Corporate events

We also offer limo services in Escondido!

Escondido Party Bus Rentals

If you are looking for a way to make your next party or event extra fun, then a party bus rental in Escondido is just what you need! Our fleet of party buses includes several different options that will fit any size group and budget.

We have several sizes available including:

  • Escondido Mini Bus Rental (10-14 passengers)

  • Escondido Party Coach Bus Rental (12-21 passengers)

  • Escondido Executive Van or Limo Rental (up to 17 passengers) Price depends on mileage and destination distance

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What Is Escondido Charter Bus Company?

Escondido Charter Bus Company is a local bus rental company that has been in business since 2016. We provide charter bus rentals in Escondido, California and offer affordable rates and a wide variety of buses to choose from.

Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing time on your next trip with us!

What Determines the Price of an Escondido Charter Bus Rental?

The price of an Escondido charter bus rental is determined by many factors. The length of your rental, the number of passengers and their age group, day of the week, destination and time of day are all important. If you’re making multiple stops along your route, this will also affect how much it costs to rent a coach bus from us in Escondido CA 91925.

In addition to these factors that determine cost, there are other variables that influence pricing:

  • What kind of amenities do you want? Do you need WiFi on board or leather seats? Will kids be riding with us? Do they need entertainment options like gaming systems or TVs? Should we keep them occupied with snacks and drinks throughout their journey so they don’t get bored during their trip! These things all factor into determining cost as well!

Where Do You Get Your Escondido Buses From?

Where do you get your Escondido buses from?

We have a wide variety of Escondido party bus rentals and bus sizes. We rent buses from many different manufacturers, including:

  • Prevost

  • MCI

  • Monaco and more! Our fleet consists mostly of the newest models on the road today. In fact, we only carry vehicles that were manufactured within the last five years–and none of them are older than 7 years old (which means they’re still in great condition). This ensures that each person who rides with us will be comfortable and safe during their journey. We also offer some great discounts if you book multiple trips at once–so don’t forget to ask about those before booking!

How Do I Rent a Bus in Escondido With a Driver?

To rent a bus in Escondido with a driver, you’ll need to book online or over the phone. Once you’ve made your reservation, we’ll send an email confirmation with all of the details of your trip. You can choose a date and time to pick up and drop off the bus, but we recommend getting back home before rush hour so that traffic isn’t too bad! The driver will be there waiting for you at each stop along your route–you don’t have to do anything except enjoy yourself on this fun Escondido charter bus rental adventure!

What Kind of Bus Rentals Can I Book in Escondido?

When you are planning an event in Escondido, you have a lot of options. There are many different types of buses available for rent and each one has its own set of uses.

  • Party Buses: If you’re looking for something fun and exciting, then a party bus is the perfect choice for your group! They come with TVs, lights, sound systems and more so that everyone can enjoy themselves on their way to the destination. These vehicles are great for bachelor/bachelorette parties or any other type of celebration where people want to dance their hearts out while they travel from place-to-place.

  • School Buses: School buses are often used by groups who want to travel together but don’t necessarily need all of their luggage transported at once (or even at all). This makes them ideal if there’s only one person per family who needs transportation rather than everyone going together as well as being cost effective since only one vehicle needs gas instead two or three cars each filled up separately beforehand instead.”

How Soon Do I Have to Book My Charter Bus Rental in Escondido?

If you want to be sure of getting your preferred date, it’s best to book as soon as possible. If you’re flexible about when you travel, then book at least 2 weeks before your trip. The earlier in advance that you can reserve, the better chance we have of getting a great deal on your charter bus rental in Escondido.

For example: If there are three people traveling together and each person pays $100 for their share of gas (which averages out to $30 per person), then it would cost $120 total if they drove themselves instead of taking an Escondido bus rental from us!

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We have a wide variety of Escondido party bus rentals and bus sizes

We have a wide variety of Escondido party bus rentals and bus sizes. Our Escondido charter bus rentals come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. If you’re looking for something bigger than what we offer here, our sister company has even more options!

If you need to get the kids to school on time or take them on an exciting field trip, we have plenty of options available as well. From mini buses to full sized coaches with Wi-Fi and video screens inside each seat compartment – whatever type of vehicle works best for your group will be waiting when it’s time go!

If you’re looking for bus rentals in Escondido, California we are here to help.

If you’re looking for bus rentals in Escondido, California we are here to help. We offer charter buses for your party or corporate event. With our large fleet of vehicles, we can accommodate any size group from 10 people up to 100+ passengers.

Our friendly staff will work with you every step of the way as we plan out your trip and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of your rental. If there’s something that needs changing or adjusting, don’t hesitate–we’ll make sure everything goes according to plan!